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A holistic approach to working inside and outside the body

Asian professee thinks that the connection between the mind and the body is indispensable for health and beauty. In addition to offering an environment where customers can relax from the bottom of our mind, the treatment integrates an oriental approach that deals with the flow of air and lymph and a medical approach that stimulates light and electricity. We aim to raise the body’s natural healing power.

Massage using various hand techniques such as Balinese style, Stone Massage, Ayurveda etc. leads the mind and body to healing world. In addition, treatment using a cutting-edge machine working deeply in pores and skin, or working on fat and muscle, has received high praise as soon as effective results are obtained.

The therapist took a long time to receive specialized training. Since the owner manages the physical condition and the psychological state of the therapist everyday, the customer can feel comfortable treatment received with ease. Herbal remedies, latest machines, and advanced massage techniques are performed with the aim of creating an Asian Professe that is created in consideration to satisfy customers’ requests. We are also preparing custom-made menus to make according to your request, so please do not hesitate to consult us.

Our Facilities

Asian Prophecy provide aesthetic beauty Spa, Clinic and Cafe in main corner of Ubud Bali. We use only high quality material and machine of aesthetic and tasty coffee product. Our global quality service and hospitality satisfy your request and heel your body and soul.

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Check our Clinic Service Video. Provide aesthetic clinic, skincare service with high quality machine which is difficult to see in Ubud Bali.



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