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Welcome to Asian Prophecy – One Stop Beauty Square

Asian Prophecy Beauty Square is a one-stop-beauty concept area, where you can find cafe, aesthetic clinic, boutique, gallery and spa in one region. Located in Ubud, a town in the middle of Bali and is famous for its culture and fine arts, Asian Prophecy brings together a complete package of Ubud character and merge it with technologies in its every facilities and services.

Yasuko Kanazawa is a Japanese living in Indonesia for more than 20 years, showing her love for nature and health, marries ancient traditional Japanese recipe for maintaining well being and beauty, with modern technology. She initiated Asian Prophecy Spa 10 years ago and transformed nature’s goodness into several of products valuable for adding the quality of life.

At Asian Prophecy Beauty Square, you can enjoy the skillful hands of the spa therapists, and delighting in the comfort food served by the Asian Prophecy Cafe, which also offers various choices of cakes and broad range of coffees. Your eyes will be indulged with ornaments and antiques, from the porcelain cups you are sipping from, to gorgeous souvenirs in the gallery, and exquisite fabrics form the BIN House, the next door boutique only parted by a glass door.

Not only reviving your body, eyes, mind and satisfy your appetite, Asian Prophecy Beauty Square recently added its line of services; those are: aesthetic and anti-aging clinic, eyelash extension, and body painting. The Beauty Square area is aimed to give you the convenience of having all-in-one store.

A Glimpse of Asian Prophecy

The concept of one stop beauty square is established by Yasuko Kanazawa, founder and the CEO of Asian Prophecy. Other than cafe, beauty clinic, boutique, gallery and spa, Asian Prophecy also specialized in spa consultant, business permit and properties.

With her sharp business instinct, Yasuko is determined to keep growing and expanding the Asian Prophecy business line and make it the best in its field. And of course, all of her business standard and philosophy is adapting Japanese culture, where you can expect the highest standard of products, services and safety.

At Asian Prophecy, Yasuko is always striving for the best, by using the most advance technology in the field. It is shown in the aesthetic clinic and the spa, in her choice of equipment and machines using for the treatments. She carefully intends a serene and comfortable atmosphere in each of the rooms, yet serving its function well. Each of the staffs is trained by Japanese trainers, adjusting Indonesian skill with Japanese work ethic and quality. Japanese latest technique is also applied on the eyelash extension salon services, and a Japanese coffee roaster is invited once in a while, and doing his masterwork in the cafe.

Her Japanese style and personality, is also shown in her choice of appliances elsewhere in the Beauty Square. She handpicked the antiques in the cafe, adores each of the crafts sold in the gallery, and very passionate about the fine handmade batik silk in the boutique.

It really makes us think, that perhaps, she intend the Beauty Square to be her work of art, not merely for business.



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