Want to prevent premature aging ?

  Want to prevent acne  ?

  Want to keep skin moist ?



           Facial is the most basic facial treatment, aims to clean the blockage of blackheads manually and relax the facial muscles. Facial is also useful for blood circulation through the emphasis of acupressure points on the face, which then ends with a mask to moisturize and nourish the skin. Facial aims to nourish and reduce signs of aging on the skin (eg dull, dry, and visible skin tired) by providing antioxidants, providing vitamins and helping skin regeneration using the latest methods in anti-aging science. Facials can also prevent acne and delay premature aging. Facial steps at the Asian Prophecy Clinic :

1. Cleansing & Exfoliation:

Remove make up & Surface impurities

2. Skin Analysis

Thoroughskin analysis by experienced Therapist


3. Deep Cleansing

Black Head Removal & Extraction to remove impurities & Clear clogged pores

4. Mask Apllication w/ face, neck & shoulder Massage

Customised application of mask according to skin needs


5. Application Of Toner & Mosturiser

To Prolong Treatment Benefits


Price of facials at Asian Prophecy Clinic

1. Asian Prophecy Facial Price   IDR 185.000

2. Asian Prophecy Acne Facial  IDR 285.000

Asian Prophecy Facial with special Acne serum to minimized Acne production & Oil skin control

3. Asian Prophecy Diamond Microdermabration Facial  IDR 450.000

Asian Prophecy Facial with special Diamond mechanical peel to remove all the dead skin

4. Asian Prophecy Detox Facial IDR 450.000

For all skin types, except for acne. Cleans the facial skin from dirt that stick with the purification process (detox).

5.  Asian Prophecy Ultra Facial IDR 650.000

Combination of Asian Prophecy facial with our gest diamond mikrodermbration mechanical peel to remove all the dead skin & Detok of the skin to maintain  your healthy young skin & remove unwanted toxin on your skin.



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