Want to prevent premature aging ?

  Want to prevent acne  ?

  Want to keep skin moist ?



           Facial is the most basic facial treatment, aims to clean the blockage of blackheads manually and relax the facial muscles. Facial is also useful for blood circulation through the emphasis of acupressure points on the face, which then ends with a mask to moisturize and nourish the skin. Facial aims to nourish and reduce signs of aging on the skin (eg dull, dry, and visible skin tired) by providing antioxidants, providing vitamins and helping skin regeneration using the latest methods in anti-aging science. Facials can also prevent acne and delay premature aging. Facial steps at the Asian Prophecy Clinic :

1. Cleansing & Exfoliation:

Remove make up & Surface impurities

2. Skin Analysis

Thoroughskin analysis by experienced Therapist


3. Deep Cleansing

Black Head Removal & Extraction to remove impurities & Clear clogged pores

4. Mask Apllication w/ face, neck & shoulder Massage

Customised application of mask according to skin needs


5. Application Of Toner & Mosturiser

To Prolong Treatment Benefits

What is Facial Treatment?

Facial is the most basic facial treatment, aims to cleanse the blackheads manually and relax facial muscles. Facial is also useful for blood circulation through   suppression of acupressure points on the face, which then ends with giving a mask to moisturize and nourish the skin.

What are the benefits of Facial Treatment ?

  Some of the benefits of facials are:

1. Clean facial skin

2. Refreshing Face

3. Eliminate blackheads

4. Prevent acne

5. Disposing dead skin cells

6. Prevent oily skin

What needs to be done before and after facials ?

Things that need to be done before facial treatment is

1. Clean Your Face, Even though your face will be cleaned thoroughly during facials, you still need to keep your face clean. One of them is by washing your face with a care product that cleanses the pores in depth so that it controls the appearance of blackheads.

2. Don’t Makeup, It is also advisable to come to the beauty clinic by not wearing makeup. This will facilitate and accelerate facial cleansing. That way, beauty staff will have more time to focus on facials

3. Stay away from coffee, avoid coffee before facials. The reason, caffeine in coffee will make you less able to feel relaxed when treatment. For that, he recommends reducing consumption at least 24 hours before facials. Replace coffee with herbal tea.

4. Know the Risks, Before facials, know the risks that can be caused. The most common is redness and swelling.

For that, make sure if you do it on the sidelines of leisure time. If there are special events that need to be attended, do facials a week before.   The thing to avoid after facial treatment is

1. Avoid Excessive Exfoliation After facials should avoid other exfoliation treatments such as microdermabrasion. This can irritate even hyperpigmentation.2. Wash your face with cold water or ice water after

2 hours of facials, especially if your skin is oily. Don’t use any soap or cream.

3. Don’t use makeup after facials. Give facial skin a day’s rest after facials.

4. Small pimples should not be forcibly removed after doing facials. In fact, you should avoid treatment such as hair coloring and straightening first because you are afraid there will be a product that will stick to and affect the skin

What is the cost of facial treatment in Asian Prophecy Clinic ?

1. Express Care  

          Price IDR 280.000 More….

2. Acne Scar Care 

          Price IDR 350.000  More…

3. Brightening Care 

          Price IDR 450.000 More….

4. Dry Skin and Fine Line Care 

          Price IDR 580.000 More…

5. Face Lift Facial Workout 

           Price IDR 650.000 More….

6. VIP Acne Facial with no needle Mesotheraphy 

           Price IDR 600.000  More…

7. VIP Mesotheraphy Facial 

         Price IDR 900.000  More…

8. Sothys Paris Double Contour Facial Treatment  

         Price IDR 1.350.000 More…

9. Holywood Diamond Peel Facial with Pristine 

         Price IDR 500.000  More….



1. Men’s Standard Course Facial

          Price IDR 280.000 More….  

2. Deep Cleansing Facial

          Price IDR 450.000 More…

3. Men’s Slim Line Course

          Price IDR 550.000 More….

4. Rejuvenation Men’s

           Price IDR 850.000 More….

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