Mesotherapy No Needle


Mesotherapy no needle is Mesotherapy without needle is done by electro-porasi technique. Mesotherapy without needles is done by using a high water pressure technique, which enters the skin tissue. This therapy is especially effective for rejuvenating the skin, lightening the skin and reducing dark circles around the eyes. In this way, the serum can enter into the mesodermic layer of the deeper layers of the skin. And the result, the spread of serum in the second layer of skin will be more evenly, so that serum or vitamins are incorporated will be absorbed more optimal and provide greater benefits.

Price of Mesotherapy treatments:

  Meso Bright useful to brighten the Skin by using Vitamin C Serum Price only IDR 200.000

  Meso Ultra Acne Beneficial to cure Acne Price Only IDR 200.000

  Meso Lifting Function to tighten skin Price Only IDR 200.000

  Maso Rejuvenation Price IDR 200.000

  Meso Glow The benefits to rejuvenate and skin become radiant Price IDR 300.000


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