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Electroporation Beauty Method

This is an electroporation machine that boasts the strongest beauty effect with the greates track record of being introduced Medical Clinics.



Electroporation is a biotechnology used in gene recombination technologies as a method in which electrical stimulation is utilized to directly infuse useful genes into target cells. The “E-Polation Series” are devices based on this basic electroporation introduction technology .
Electroporation introduction technology applies special short and strong pulses to the skin to form transmission pathways in epithelial cells and especially the inner wall cells of holes such as pores/sweat glands in the skin. 7974 “ drug delivery device “ since this is highly advanced technology

Through this, it has become possible to introduce under the dermis layer normally difficult to permeate hydrophilic molecules, ultra-high-molecular hyaluronic acid and succinyl atelocollagen, as well as active ingredients such as fucoxanthin, phosphatidylcholine, FGF-1, FGF-7, chondroitin sulfate and N-acetyl glucosamine. A patent in japan has been acquired for this basic technology based on the “ electroporation introduction theory” developed by our firm as patent number 539



Polation mode: Hydrophilic molecules and high polymer molecules are introduced below the dermis layer by the electroporation action.
Lon Mode: A synergistic effect can be obtained use with the E/P mode with the skin being stimulated(-) or calmed (+) prior to treatment
Vibration: An electrical stimulation reduction effect and massage effect can be obtained by vibrations

Treatment examples


The “EP Essence Series” are Spesial essences for electroporation that are formulated from various active ingredients centered on high polymer hyaluronic acid without using any synthetic vinyl polymers used as gelling agents in general foundation cosmetics. The premium Series are electroporation introduction essences for medical esthetic with high concentration prescriptions that take into account effectiveness and safety.

Lipolysis, localized slimming and facial slimming with no painful side effects

EP Essence . PC / Phosphatidylcholine’

This is an essence of a phosphatidylcholine ( purity concentration: 10%) formulation for dieting ( fat breakdown) and localized slimming/facial slimming


Phosphatidylcholine has an excellent emulsification action for mixing water and oil and promotes the breakdown of fats stored in the oil droplets in fat cells. The cosmetic ingredient label name is hydroxylated lecithin, but phosphatidylcholine contained in hydroxylated lecithin does not have the same meaning because it is a very small amount.

Ingredients >> Phosphatidylcholine ( Purity concentration: 10%)

Firm tone and elasticity with immediate effect

EP Essence . SA / SuccinyI Atelocollagen

This is a collagen infusion essence with a succinyl atelocollagen undiluted solution of 50% and a high polymer hyaluronic acid Na Undiluted solution of 49.7%

Succinyl Atelocollagen

Succinyl Atelocollagen is a high polymer collagen with a high level of purity that has been processed to increase solubility and compatibility in the neutral region after removal of the strongly antigenic parts at the ends from insoluble collagen fibers through enzyme treatment. Collagen with a low level of antigenicity is also less allergenis, so it is widely used in the medical field


Succinyl atelocollagen undiluted solution 50 % High polymer hyaluronic acid Na Undiluted Solution: 49.7 %

Removal of wrinkles/liver spots and suppression of photo-aging and wrinkles

EP Essence. Fx / Fucoxanthin

There is a wrinkle/liver spot (epidermal pigmentation) removal and photo-aging care essence with a retinoid-like active ingredients fucoxanthin (fucoxanthinol) formulation.



Fucoxanthin is a type of carotenoid that is contained in trace amounts in brown algae and gives a strong anti oixidant effect. Moreover, this is an ingredient effective in the improvement of epidermal pigmentation and wrinkles as an alternative ingredient to retinoic acid, so it has an excellent photo-aging and wrinkle suppression effect. The wrinkle suppression theory is a technology patented by Kyoto university and islicensed by our firm from them.


Fucoxanthin and fucoxanthinol  Hyaluronic acid Na Undiluted Solution

Promotion of the regeneration of dermal collagen and improvement to acne scars

Bio Ultra Essence / Fibroblast growth factor q (FGF-1)

There is an anti-aging (cell growth promotion) essence of fibroblast growth factor 1 (FGF-1)

Fibroblast Growth Factor 1 (FGF-1)

FGF is an abbreviation for fibroblast Growth Factor which virtually exists in a body as a vital factor to promote propagation of regenerative cell. FGF-1 is a protein of 154 amino acids which is largely responsible to stimulants the production of collagen and elastin, registered as “Human Oligopeptide-13” in Japanese Cosmetic Lebeling Name of Japan Cosmetic Industry Association


Fibroblast growth factor 1 (FGF-1): 300ug/60Ml. Hyaluronic acid Na undiluted solution.

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