Dry Skin and Fine Line Care

As we age, the amount of collagen the body produces naturally will starts to decline. The decrease in collagen leads to dull skin, and fine lines may start to appear from all of the facial expressions we make.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body. It is one of the main component of connective tissue and is produced naturally by the human body. It consists of amino acid and may reverse skin aging. The human body is rich in collagen, but over time the quality and quantity changes due to stress from ultraviolet light, and factors such as smoking.

This facial is designed to stimulate collagen production with combination of a special skin tightening devices and signature massage using products carefully chosen to tackle ageing skin problems. The products used is formulated with skin firming ingredients such as collagen, elastin, antioxidant, hyaluronic acid and vitamin c.

The treatment include exfoliation and vacuum to get rid of clogged pores, which enhances the penetration of serum and vitamins. A skin tightening radiofrequency device is used to deliver heat that will stimulate elastin and collagen production, smoothen out fine lines and provide a lifting effect.

The combination of the anti-aging ingredients and technology rejuvenates dry and aging skin, making your skin appear more plump, brighter and smoother.

Benefits of Radio-Frequency:

  • Helps soften fine lines
  • Reduce appearance of loose skin overtime

The Steps:

  1. Facial Cleanse with Steam
  2. Exfoliation
  3. Vacuum and Extraction
  4. Radio Frequency Facial
  5. Signature Face Toning Massage
  6. Collagen Mask
  7. Anti-Aging Serum
  8. Décolleté Massage
  9. Lotion Cream to Finish

Price: IDR 580.000



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