Face Lift- Facial Workout

A facial that activates facial muscle and tone up face. This treatment is a facial treatment that combines high intensity facial massage with a Japanese beauty microcurrent technology device that delivers a pampering lymphatic massage effect. The combination of massage, microcurrent technology and special vitamins and antioxidant cocktail used in this treatment improves blood circulation and provides a face lifting experience.

This treatment enhance your skin’s natural elasticity and stimulate collagen production by allowing the blood to circulate and detoxify the toxin by using a special massage technique. The massage and microcurrent device that focus on activating the facial muscles will refresh your face line, reduce puffiness and provide a more refreshed and lifted look.


What to expect during the treatment?

The treatment will begin with a shoulder massage to relax the body, warm up the muscle and enhance blood circulation. Thereafter, the facial cleansing starts, followed by exfoliation with scrub. After the cleansing, a facial muscle massage will begin and you may feel uncomfortable with the high intensity of this massage. In addition to the massage a radio frequency technique is used to deliver heat and stimulated collagen to tone up the face, and tighten loose skin. For extra boost a mask rich in collagen will be applied before the treatment finishes off with special cocktail serum (hyaluronic acid and placenta) and head massage to ensure the blood flows through-out the body,


In addition to facial massage, a A pampering lymphatic micro-current massager will be used to work on the facial muscles  and  a radio frequency machine for lifting the skin and smoothing out fine lines.



  1. Shoulder Massage
  2. Cleansing
  3. Exfoliation
  4. Facial muscle massage
  5. Radiofrequency technique
  6. Collagen Facial Mask
  7. Cocktail Serum
  8. Head treatment

Price IDR 650.000



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