qcm Want to Have a White Face Without Wrinkles?

 qcm Want to Look Face Like Age 25 Years Although Age Is 55 Years?

  qcm Want To Eliminate Face Wrinkles With Fast And Safe Results?


     Tosin botulinum is a toxin produced by Clostridium botulinum, which can be used to remove wrinkles on the skin, especially on the upper face. Botulinum toxin works by inhibiting the action of acetylcholine resulting in paralysis. Botulinum toxin comprises 7 different types of neurotoxins, but clinically used only toxins A and B. Botulinum toxins in the dermatology field are indicated for facial treatment and hyperhidrosis therapy. One of its use on facial treatment is on the upper face, which is done in accordance with anatomy, anatomical variation and muscle function.

Benefits of Botox:

qcm  To tighten sagging skin

qcm  To reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

qcm   Forming Face And Nose

qcm   To Control Excessive Sweating

asK What is Botox injections?

Q Botox stands for Botulinum Toxin type A which is a toxic chemical produced by Clostridium botulinum bacteria. Clostridium botulinum is commonly found in meat foods, vegetables and in canned foods, especially those that are out of date. When these toxins are inadvertently consumed by humans it can damage the nervous system, arise muscle paralysis and even death

asK How can Botox be useful to the world of beauty?

Q At small doses, Botox is able to relax muscles in this facial muscle. Botox is able to relax the small muscles that cause these lines of expression, resulting in a smoother and less wrinkled skin surface. Another advantage is that Botox works in specific areas. Other muscles such as those used to raise the eyebrows are not affected so normal expression can still be performed. Botox will not stiffen your facial expression. Botox will only smooth and work where you want. Botox can be used to:

*Eliminate the frown line between the eyebrows
*Eliminate wrinkles on the forehead
*Eliminate the smile line around the tip of the eye
*Eliminates wrinkles on the face and neck
*Overcoming excessive sweat on the armpits, palms and feet

asK How long is the injection process?

Q Injections only take 10-20 minutes on the area you want to remove wrinkles. Botox works effectively and efficiently so it can be directly absorbed and seen the results after 2 hours. However the new maximum results will be achieved 2-5 days later and can last more or less for 3-6 months. Botox is now widely used because of its practicality. Simply inject a Botox solution to some of the facial points you want to treat with the help of a superficent needle syringe. The injection process is not too painful just like being bitten by Ants

asK  Are there any side effects?

Q  The usual side effect is brow ptosis ie the upper eyelid can hang like a sleeping person, but left alone only one to six weeks will return to normal. With the development of science, then if side effects occur plusi botox again at the top, so the eyelid will be lifted back and will return to normal again after one week. So far, Botox therapy has proven to be quite safe. Botox has been recognized by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and more than 60 countries have authorized the use of Botox for health and beauty.

asK What should not be done after botox injection?

Q 1. stop taking medications or vitamins that thin the blood. For example aspirin and vitamin E. This blood-thinning drug can cause vascular bruising that can take a long time.

2. For maximum results, should not sleep on your back first up to three or four hours. Must be in a sitting position for that long.

3. should not massage facial skin for three to four hours after Botox injection is done

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