Low-Frequency Patch

Low-frequency electric current stimulates the muscles under the skin, producing an effect similar to massage and exercise. It calms an exited nervous system and helps relieve stiffness and pain.


ALEX-S utilizes medical LED lights to power colour light therapy. It has a number of beneficial effects including the decomposition and burning of fat, the activation of blood circulation, and the toning of muscles. A significant amount of calories are expended by simply lying on the machine. It is a versatile machine effective in establishing a healthy body balance not just by calorie reduction, but also by improving the metabolism and strengthening the muscles.


Cupping therapy has been performed all over the world from ancient times. Glass cups are placed on the body, sucking the air inside. This promotes blood circulation as the blood vessels are pulled and expanded. Clogged impurities in the blood are then able to flow away. It is especially recommended for people who suffer from stiff neck and back pain due to maintaining  the same body posture for extended periods of time.

Ultra Cavitation

Ultra cavitation is the ultimate tool in the slimming equipment armory. It is also known as a non-cutting liposuction operation due to its rapid and long-lasting effect. A special gel is applied to the targeted body areas, allowing the ultrasound wave to destroy the fat cells in that area. The emulsified fat flows into blood vessels and lymph and is eventually eliminated from the body. It is a painless and comfortable treatment, and can be precisely targeted to your specific areas of concern.

Photo Facial

Try Asian Prophecy’s Photo Facial when your face lacks firmness or you want a more glowing complexion.  In the first part of the treatment your face will be cleansed and  the skin softened by exfoliation, the application of a mask and  by the use of steam. Then radio wave treatment and  a massage firm it up to give you a sharper face contour. Collagen iontophores is further firms your skin. Optical irradiation clears up any dullness and  brightens your skin.

IDR. 500.000 / 60 Minutes

RF (Radio Frequency)

High frequency electromagnetic wave activate  the skin tissues by warming up the deeper layer of the skin, to reduce wrinkles and firming the skin. Pores that had opened because of sagging will become less noticeable. Deep heating promotes both lymph and blood circulation and improves the overall condition of your skin.



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