Rare Stone Acccessories That Marry Trendy Style With Timelessness

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Having traveled extensively around the world, Ms.Yako Kanazawa has been inspired by the vibrant colours and natural textures seen in places as diverse as India, China, Japan, Europe, Africa, Thailand, and South America. These wonderful colours can be seen in the wide range of gem stones used in our collections, and we has expanded the collections to include metals, stones, wood, glass, coral, and amber.

Traditional tribal jewellery is a big influence, as is our love of natural materials, and we try to keep our designs as simple as possible, in the belief that you cannot improve on nature.

We are always very happy to talk about our jewellery. Whether its questions about the stones, size of the jewellery or a particular stone you have been looking for. New exotic pieces are added to our collections all the time, visit our store now to see what’s new!