With experience and love, we present one of the best aesthetic clinics in Bali, with our slogan “Your Asian Look Is Here”.

If you are looking for aesthetic clinic putting forward quality and caring services, Asian Prophecy Clinic Aesthetic Center is the one you have been seeking. We provide a range of treatments, the simple ones to the most comprehensive services with the highest standard of products, technology, equipments, and human resources to give the best skin care, anti aging solution you need.

With our professional and highly trained team members, supported by vastly skilled doctors in aesthetic and anti aging medical field, we present you a personal approach on problem solution to improve your well being. Below, you will find list of various treatments we offer, and we recommend you to come and consult your needs to one of our welcoming consultants.

Medical Treatment

The medical treatments are done by a doctor to fix your skin condition, or to improve the quality of the skin, hair and even face shaping. All of our ingredients are safe and FDA approved, used with finest equipments to get the best possible results.

Product List

Aesthetic Treatment

Aesthetic treatment aims to relax, improving blood circulation and removing blockages on the skin, thus correcting the skin looks by adding nutrition such as serum or mask.


Facial is the most basic treatment, aims to clear blockages blackheads manually, relaxes the facial muscles and promote blood circulation through suppressi


Nourishing the skin after facial treatments.



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