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A warm welcome to Asian Prophecy Aesthetic Clinic and Spa

We aim to provide the most advance aesthetic medicine treatments available to everyone.

Find the cutting edge, and best aesthetic treatment with international standard in Ubud, Bali. Our amazing professional in house team of Dermatologist and Aesthetic Doctor will help you find the right solutions to your skin concerns and goals.


AP Philosophy

We would like to thank those who have visited us and joined us to be part of their beauty and wellness journey. We want to continue to invest in new cutting edge treatments and technique in the aesthetic medicine industry by incorporating new products that are safe and clinically tested as well the latest medical technology that will allow us to deliver treatments that are quick, efficient, has low downtime and pain, and one that has minimal side effects such as swelling or bruising. We are striving to serve and deliver your aesthetic treatments most effectively and comfortably.


Our Approach

  1. Face to face Consultation
    Helping our patients to find the right treatment is our ultimate goal. Our Dermatologist or Aesthetic Doctor will offer a one to one consultation and propose a treatment plan tailored specially for individual patient needs. No treatment is the same for everyone. Whether your ultimate goal is to improve your skin’s quality or to enhance your facial feature, our team of expert Dermatologist and Aesthetic Doctor will be ready to guide you.
  2. Feel safe and get support from our experienced Dermatologist. We pay attention not to only provide solutions and improve skin problems faced by our patients, but also to find and cure the root cause of the problems. So that our patients will have a clear, healthy, and youthful skin they always dream.
  3. Providing safe and high-quality aesthetic medicine treatments at a reasonable price.

We try to provide aesthetic treatment at a reasonable price because we believe that everyone is beautiful and deserves to feel confident, and amazing in their skin.

Our Story

We offer a range of treatments that are custom-made to offer the most appropriate treatment for each patient’s needs.

Our Aesthetic Clinic is lead by expert leading Dermatologist. Dermatology is a branch of medicines that deals with the diagnosis and treatments for various skin diseases and conditions.

A Dermatologist can provide an in-depth diagnosis of various type of skin conditions or treatments, and has great knowledge about the structure and mechanism of the skin, which allow it to fully commit to solves various skin problems that patient has such as, enhancing the appearance of the skin, and improving facial features all effectively and efficiently without the need to do surgery.

Through its extensive clinical study and training, a Derm can identify over 3000 conditions. This allows Dermatologists to provide a deep analysis that goes beyond the skin deep. For example, skin conditions such as spots which can have a wide range of type and causes. It is not possible for a Doctor without a specialized clinical experience and training to identify the right treatments. This is why you should feel safe in our expert team. Our Dermatologist will carefully assess and identify the spots and take appropriate measures to treat the skin conditions based on the diagnosis. In addition, our Dermatologist will go beyond just providing solutions to remove or treat the spots, but also restore the patient’s skin health & quality, to create that youthful, healthy skin with an improved complexion.

At our aesthetic clinic, you will find your experienced consultant Dermatologist that will ensure you receive the right treatment, with combinations of customized medicines and treatment plans.

Most importantly, our Aesthetic Clinic is made up of a team of Dermatologist and Aesthetic Doctor Consultant that are passionate in doing what we do, providing the best, safe, and innovative skin and aesthetic treatments. We will provide sufficient counseling to try accurately understand our patient skin concerns, and carefully and accurately analyze the skin conditions to start a custom made treatment plan.

We love to be part of each of your journeys. We aim to provide advice from a medical point of view, with our ultimate goals to build trusting relationships with our patients. Our aesthetic clinic does not provide unnecessary treatments that prioritize profit. We’d like to be able to help all of you, regardless of age or sex, to feel confident, happy both physically and mentally, as well as fulfilled in terms of beauty and wellness.

We believe feeling beautiful makes people healthier. Join us, and let’s begin your beauty and wellness journey together with AP Aesthetic Clinic and Spa.


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