Chemical Peels
A quick treatment for instant skin rejuvenation.
Chemical Peel

A quick treatment for instant skin rejuvenation. Skin peels are treatment tailored to correct skin problems such as wrinkles, large pores, acne, and dark spots. Our skin experts will help you choose which chemical peel is suitable for your skin conditions or concerns. Chemical peels will help remove dead skin cells, allowing new skin to regenerate, revealing a smoother and youthful complexion.


In our aesthetic clinic, we have a range of skin peels treatment available for all skin types and is tailored to each client’s concern. We only use high-quality medical-grade peels such as Innoaesthetics, Neostrata, and medical peels formulated by our Dermatologist.

Chemical Peels at AP Chemical Peels At AP

AP Acne Peel

Signature salicylic acid peels formulated by our Dermatologist for someone with a severe breakout, oily, and acne-prone skin. Help reduce acne growth and regulate sebum. Not suitable for sensitive skin.


Acne Clear and Clarifying Peels

Dual peeling with a combination of glycolic acid and mandelic acid to clear acne, reduce pore size, brighten skin, and reduce blemishes. This is a superficial peel and has minimal downtime. Visible exfoliation may not occur and a series of treatment is recommended for best results.


Celebrity Peel

A specially formulated peel that contains Hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, and Vitamin C to help you get that Hollywood red carpet ready glow. This peel can be done with 2 weeks interval. Suitable to brighten skin complexion and anti-aging


Perfect Skin Peel

Powerful peels for anti-aging, firming and restructuring your skin. Contains TCA, salicylic acid which correct signs of mild to moderate skin aging. Helps even out skin tone and texture. Visible exfoliation may occur but differ per patient.

More About This Treatment

For best results, a series of treatments may be required and combination with microneedling therapy or IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) may be required for some cases. Talk to our skin experts and find out which chemical peel is for you.


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