Mesolipo Body
Mesolipo - A Fat Burner Injection
Mesolipo Body

A fat reduction injection using Mesotherapy technique.

All of us experience having stubborn fat in areas that sometimes cannot be fully eliminated using traditional methods such as exercising or having a balanced diet. The mesolipo injection is a fat-melting treatment that uses the mesotherapy technique specifically target localized fat and cellulite deposits. The natural ingredients injected targets the fatty cells, and slowly dissolves the fat deposits. After the injection, the body will proceed naturally, and the residue is removed over the following weeks.


Mesolipo fat reduction injection is an effective and quick fat-melting, body contouring treatment. The ingredients injected helps breakdown fat cells, and when combined with exercise, this will procedure will maximize the amount of fat burn and weight loss.

Treatment Areas

Treatment Areas:





Since each patient is unique, the number of sessions required may vary from one patient to another. We recommend multiple sessions and also combined with regular exercise. You may also combine this treatment with our super slimming package from our spa menu or skin tightening treatment using Radio Frequency and Ultracavitation.