Lift, tone and rejuvenate.
Rejuvenate and Lifting Facial

Lift, tone and rejuvenate.

Rejuvenate and restore your skin youthfulness. A facial specially
designed to tone, firm and lift your face for a visibly firmer and
refreshed look. The radiofrequency stimulates collagen, improve
blood flows and responsible for sculpting , lifting and tightening,
while your skin is nourished with active ingredients used in this
facial. A special soft peel and dermo-lifting mask by Sothys Paris is
used to restore radiance, and smoothen fine lines. The special
formulated cocktail will nourish the skin to the epidermis, for a firmer
looking skin.

Inclusion: Cleansing- peeling- extraction- high frequency- vacuum-
radiofrequency-electroporation serum infusion- dermo-lifting &
calming mask.