Thread Lift
Korean Ultra Thread Lift now available in Bali at AP Aesthetic Clinic!

Korean Ultra Thread Lift now available in Bali at AP Aesthetic Clinic! This is a facial cosmetic procedure for the face and nose. Thread lift is a minimally invasive facial rejuvenation treatment that lifts loose skin using special surgical threads, creating a tighter and natural youthful result. If you are looking for a non-surgical facelift, Thread Lift is the answer! All thread lift procedures are carried out by our professional aesthetic and dermatologist doctor.


Apart from for facelift, we have Korean Ultra V Canulla Hiko thread available at the clinic for nose enhancement. Contour and reshape your nose without the need for surgery with our Nose Lift with thread.


We recommend you to take our free one to one consultation with our aesthetic doctor to know more about this treatment.

Treatment Details

Ultra V thread

A popular and effective facial tightening and anti-wrinkles lift in Korea. Achieve a V-shaped face using Ultra V thread. Ultra V lift is suitable to be applied in areas of the face such as cheeks, double chin, neck.


Ultra V Canulla Hiko

Enhance and contour nose without surgery. It can be used to heighten the nose bridge and provide a more defined nose with no downtime.


Benefits of Threadlift:



Stimulating collagen production

Improve facial sagging resulting in a more youthful and refreshed look


How long does it last?

Ultra V thread lift may last for 1-2 years. As it dissolves, the collagen stimulated by the threads will continue to provide supports and give a lifted effect even after the thread dissolved. However, for optimum results, we suggest maintenance after 1 year.

About the procedure

You will first receive a one to one consultation with our experienced doctor. During this session, you may discuss your desired goals and our doctor will estimate how many threads may be required.


A numbing cream will then be applied by our nurse, followed by an injection of local anesthesia to numb the skin. During the procedure, our doctor will insert the thread under the skin. This will help support and tighten the loose skin. The thread will also stimulate collagen production, which provides a lift even after the thread dissolved.


Check our FAQ for more information about this treatment